TDEE & IIFYM..How to & Why <3

I am sure we are all familiar or have heard of IIFYM.
If not IIFYM stand for If It Fits Your Macros, this is the idea of being able to “diet” while still enjoying the foods that you love.
Personally I don’t agree with that statement because it is basically subliminally giving you lead way to “cheat” yourself out of a healthy & fit body.
Now I am no expert with IIFYM, because I have only just started, in fact today it is my first day at it, so I am using myself as an experiment to conclude as to wether IIFYM works in conjunction with my clean eating antics.
I was using MFP (my fitness pal) to keep track of my calorie intake, however I found that I was severely under eating and constantly stalling my progress. Not to mention the mood swings, constant hunger and obv the binging….
My Fitness pal can be a great tool, if you know how to use it correctly.. No human being can survive long term on a 1200 calorie, especially if you like myself is overly active on a daily basis.
Let me lay this out for you, MFP put me on 1600 cal daily for “weightloss” now I am not trying to loose weight but more so cut the fat I have gained whilst “bulking”- The art of eating at a calorie surplus to gain muscle whilst training- Unfortunately regardless of how clean you keep your diet you are bound to gain some fat during a bulk.
Anyways for the past 2-3 months I have been struggling with getting my body to lean out and I believe this all has to do with my Calorie intake, as well as macro nutrients and so forth. Not wanting to go to a competition diet ( which put me in a very bad physically sick place AS well as it being overly restrictive & not healthy ) I am sorting through my own research and resources to regain myself accomplished physical built.( I training and diet on my own, no coaches.)
So, upon reading on the success of various athletes and fellow fitness enthusiasts I have decided to give IIFYM a go.
So first things first I headed to & used the IIFYM Calculator to divulge my BMR & TDEE- Just as an example here are my stats :

bmr & tdee

Now I used the most simplest form because unfortunately I do not know my lean mass therefore, I cannot get a straight calculation.
I selected 6 times as week as I do in fact, train Monday – Saturday some days twice a day, using my mornings for a light cardio session and night to either weights or Crossfit. I do burn quiet a lot of calories in my sessions so I know that the next step where it shows my calories required for fat loss see somewhat more accurate rather then My Fitness Pal suggestions.
So the next step is calculating my Calorie intake for fat loss as shown below:

caqlorie intake for fat loss

Now I have selected to remove 20% of my TDEE which has equalled to 1823 calories daily, as you can see that is a pretty dramatic increase in calories from my suggestion on MFP. I am pretty happy about that because I have quiet an appetite and boy am i going to be able to fit some mammoth meals in there!
Now without further adue Macro calculations
Selecting your nutrition plan, based on your goals, IIFYM gives you a pretty good outlay of different types of diets like the zone and so forth however I have selected the IIFYM for simplicity and recommendation purposes.

nutrition plan

I have left it as it was , because I figured I would thrive best within the recommended ranges of IIFYM, but if you feel confident that a higher protein lower carb lower fat diet may work then I suggest you adjust your nutrient requirements from there.
End results of requirements:


Be careful to select in however many meals you wish to split your macro, I know this goes against many fitness experts and so forth But I chose to eat 2 main meals a day with a pre work out snack in between & if I can fit a snack at night time. The reason for this is because I also do IF- Intermittent Fasting as per Lean gains.
** Intermittent fasting is the act of one purposely engaging in the absence of food for a certain period of time. One is to consume all their calorie intake within the “feeding window”, for example purposes only I do a 16:8 Fast, which has me fasted for 16 hrs a day and 8 hrs spent in the feeding stage, this allows me to break up all my meals evenly within 2-3 hrs from one another as well as, having my dinner early enough so that I do not go to bed on a full stomach. This method works perfectly with my work and work out schedules… I might also add that I lost roughly 20 cms all over my body as well as 2 kgs which I was pretty ecstatic about, but it did stall since I feel like I was over eating certain nutrients more so then others, Hence why This has led me to IIFYM. Anyways moving on.
As you can see IIFYM has adjusted all my macronutrients required , for a steady fatloss, I am pretty happy with those numbers so, now moving onto MFP to adjust my goals and so forth.
Going onto , I’ve made myself an account, if you are wondering my username is sgfgpatty. As you can see my original goals set by MFP are pretty lousy to be honest…

MFP original

Now I am not one to be afraid of carbs, but I feel like them not being evenly spread between nutrients just had me all out of whack when it came to entering my food in , I often Overloaded on carbs , because not eating meat had me sourcing protein from other foods like beans, rice and quinoa & soy… Also 33 g of sugar per day is a little ridiculous because even though I don’t eat added sugars (other than in some treat condiments, which I will have more on down the track)but majority of the veggies and fruits I eat contain it and well keeping it under that would be pretty disaterous…
Anyways, now changing your goals within MFP is pretty easy even though it wont give you exact numbers as per IIFYM you can estimate once you are entering them is.
So if you are unfamiliar with how to change the settings this is how to do it:
Step By step:
1: Select My Home

my home

2: Select Goals


3: Select Change Goals

chnage goals

4: Select Custom Goals


5: Customize your goals

customize fitness goals

I basically just re entered my Calories and adjusted the percentages of my Protein, carbs and Fat Intake.. the remainder I left as it was because I don’t think they really matter.
As below:

custom goals

They aren’t exactly as per IIFYM, but that can be adjusted when logging in my food.
Which Now I can show you how I eat on a daily basis, I often pick the same meals everyday for a whole week, in order to save me time, money & head aches having to work out portions everyday… I personally don’t have time for that, although I make my meals fresh ( steamed veggies) every night the remainder like the beans and rice/quinoa is kept safely in the fridge for the whole week. If you have spare time on your hands then great but, I also find it easy to keep track this way…SO here is this weeks meal plan & Macro nutrient consumption:

week 1 intake

As you can see I am a little below my intake, so I can afford something extra like maybe a protein shake or something with that amount of calories, carbs – my fat intake though is a little high but no matter in my eyes a couple of grams is no reason to stress and start pulling hairs out.
Also this is without my exercising included on MFP- but again IIFYM calculated my intake after “training 6 days a week”, I train vigorously so I am not worried as to wether I am burning enough calories to sustain that or not, this is where your motivation & determination sets you apart, don’t slack off ladies & gents. But just for example purposes during my training sessions both combined I can burn up to 1200 Calories, depends on workouts and so forth.

I will post progress pictures as i go on on here & instagram so keep a look out ❤

I hope this has been helpful and I will check back with you guys once I feel like I have made enough progress and share my new learning's and mistakes .

Until then Keep fit & peace out ❤

Patty xx

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Training & Progress.

Last night I posted the below picture on instagram:


Purely because I was finally able to see some major progress within myself and all the hard work I have been putting towards my body.
I went through a stage where I became overly thin and although at the time I enjoyed my appearance, it quickly became evident that it wasn’t maintainable, as I increased my activity level & chopped and changed with my diet muscle gain & fat gain quickly vanished what I now like to call my Mal-nourished look…. Please feast your eye on my overly large head compared to my thin and frail body:

Now I understand this may be a look that people sought out to have and I am not bashing anyone’s choice to be thin, but for myself this isn’t right… I do like the more defined, muscular tone in a girl. not to be confused with body builder or fitness models but more like just a healthy slightly more defined & sturdy look.
I did go through pretty unhealthy stages & became physically & mentally sick throughout this year and throughout this process but I fell like I have found the balance within myself and my life and I am finally free to move forward with my well being and my body image. We all have times that we are less confident but I feel like focusing on those times will basically impair your ability to fell like you actually should, strong and accomplished.

Last night that is exactly how I felt STRONG & ACCOMPLISHED… And of course I had some questions about recommendation on how I achieved my current shape on my shoulders. Now shoulders are one of my favorite body parts to train , along with my back… Then the all so hated legs- Legs though are my strongest point as I am sure it is for everyone … but that’s for another day…. I have been striving for a very long time to achieve a wide upper back with a strong shoulder look & there has been a few exercises that have helped me do so… Bare in mind guys this has all been achieved through cross fit, but these can definitely be performed at the gym, providing you aren’t shy to do so in front of other because they will probably look at you funny…

Starting with :

Wide pull ups- Chin over the bar- Now I am stronger but not that stronger I can achieve 2-3 strict pull ups without a band but then I get tired and well I fail… So I started out with the green band ( most resistance) and now I am on the purple, soon to be red band ( which basically means no assistance.. just there to make you feel better) I realize these are probably not available at the gym, or most gyms BUT they can be purchased from most fitness related stores…

All other bar related work outs that require upper body strength- TO hold my fat arse up in the air are:

Toes to bar: this literally requires you to swing your body up and touch your toes to the bar you are hanging from- Takes a lot of effort and strength and Often I am only able to perform 2-3 at a time- this also works on your core girls ….

Knees to Elbow- Same as toes to bar only requires you to touch your knees to your elbows.

Burpee Pull Ups: Where one performs a burpee in front of the bar and as you jump up you grab onto to bar and do a pull up- jump down into your burpee… Sounds like it sucks?? It does… ALOT.. but very effective.

I also enjoy body weight workouts such as:

Push ups- chest to ground and arms close to the body… now while I can only perform a certain number of these without having to kneel down it is still very effective when it comes to utilising your shoulder and lats strength to push your body.

Hand stand push ups- Sounds hard? it is… I can’t do it.. yet.. but there are variations like kneeling on a box or bench and getting your body as vertical as possible and imitating a handstand push up by touching your head to the ground…

Wall climbs- Where the individual is lying on the ground- belly and literally climb backwards onto the wall… Probably not safe to perform at a gym without a coach or someone to help you.. but definitely effective in using mostly upper body strength to climb and hold your self up…

Burpees- The least of my favorite movements but one of the most effective in utilizing full body mobility and strength- don’t skip these ladies and gents- it’s weights and cardio all in one.. set yourself a goal to smash out as many as you can as fast as you can .. I can do 100 on a good day.. IT HURTS

Now moving onto weights:

I was once a gym rat, lifting weights concentrating on compound movements and so forth and don’t get me wrong I occasionally still do these types of movements but again, I have been finding more progress within myself since I have been using crossfit styled weight lifting, so starting with one of my favorites:

Cleans: now while there are many other variations to this movement a clean is basically started off with a deadlift bring the bar to your waist and pulling it up an resting on your shoulders… it’s kind of like not an exercise targeted at your arms because your sort of to use your hips to drive the bar up but essentially you are utilizing full upper body force to bring that weight up sturdily and resting it comfortably on your shoulders. Such as my self below:

hang clean

I look Horrid and sweaty, but I don’t care, I love it!!!!!!

Another variation of this is a hang clean- where during a WOD you are picking the bar up off the ground bringing it hip level and cleaning for as may reps as required… ALWAYS starts off great and form tends to become sloppy because it’s freaking tiring… HENCE WHY I AM SO SWEATY ABOVE

Clean and jerks are definitely a movement which requires upper body strength and well I fell this really targets your shoulders.. basically you perform a clean and then and shoulder press the bar above your head and back down to rest on your shoulders.. making sure you drive it straight up and poking your head through your elevated arms…. I definitely perform this movement at the gym and yes I get plenty of weird looks, because yes you can do a strict press with a bar or dumbbells and so forth but I find that when I use a hang clean movement and do strict press from there I utilize back and shoulder muscles therefore making it more productive.

Kettle bell swings: Again I am not sure how may people are familiar with these types of workouts, you can definitely injure yourself, just like every other type of work out, so a strong core is definitely to be kept in check for this one, I tend to feel this alot on my shoulders and lats the next day…

Other then these I can’t really go forward without telling you a whole lot of other complex movements that could potentially result in injury if you aren’t familiar with and don’t frequent a crossfit gym… And I am not a pt, crossfit qualified trainer and so forth… YET

But I can definitely tell you what I have found to work for me… I thought I might also post my gym workout last night for you guys to see what I do when I feel like I have a little more energy to spend sooooooo let’s go!!!!

20 minutes cardio warm up- steady pace 10 minutes on the cross trainer and then 10 minuter on the stair master.
The I did:
6 rounds for time
10 Burpees
10 push ups
16 mountain climbers
30 second plank
30 second rest
15 Jump squats
12 walking lunges holding a 10 kg plate over head.

I done all of this in 17 minutes and 38 seconds… It was death but it was worth it, followed by desperately catching my breath whilst dying in a pool of my own sweat on the ground…


I hope everyone has a great Friday!!


Patty xxx

Sunshine Smoothie bowl Over Coconut Vanilla Oats.


1 Cup of ripe frozen mangoes
1 ripe frozen banana
1/2 cup fresh pineapple
1/2 cup fresh paw paw
1/2 cup lemonade ( I used Nudie only lemons lemonade)
1/2 Cup Soy Yogurt

Blend away till smooth.


For the oats I used:

1/2 Cup GF oats
1 Scoop RawrEnergy Vanilla protein
1/2 Cup Unsweetened Almond milk
2-3 Tablespoons of full fat coconut milk.
A dash of cinnamon Layer you super thick smoothie over your oats & top with fresh sliced fruit of your choice & enjoy!!!

Pesto Pasta with Raw & Baked Veggies

I loooooove me some good pasta, so last nights meal wasn’t short of it…
The pasta I used was just some average Organic whole meal spiral, but the pesto was definitely a winning combination!!!!


For this bowl of well put together flavor fest you will need:

2 Cups of cooked whole meal Pasta
1/2 Cup of diced beetroot
1/2 Cup shredded carrots
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes
1 cup of diced baked pumpkin- In online oil & rosemary
1 table spoon of raw sunflower seeds.


For the Pesto I used:

A good handful of Basil leaves
2 Tablespoons of Sesame seeds
1/8 of a cup of olive oil
2 garlic cloves
Pinch of Salt & pepper

Stirred it through my pasta & popped it all into a bowl ( this was a rustic wooden bowl mum has at home, YES I live at home still, shush)
Served and ate right away, now I am a big fan of cold foods given that all other ingredient were in the fridge prior so I ate it like that.. other wise warmed up would taste equally as good!

Enjoy x

Count Colors Not calories <3 Rainbow Cous cous Lunch

I don’t usually lack creativity when it comes to my meals, long time I ago I would’ve preached the importance of eating super clean mono coloured meals ( Steamed chicken and greens) …UGHHHHH thinking back now, how could I???

rainbow cous cous

These days i am all about the colours and the flavours all veggies can bring to a dish.. Spices and herbs are not the enemy either…. So today for lunch I finished off an already prepped meal from last night, which i just dished up especially for you guys.

Rainbow Cous Cous- Super delicious…
I made quite a big batch, so I guess I cannot scale it appropriately for one serving , although my own serving was roughly of 2.5 cups of this.
rainbow cous cous3

1/2 Cup Raw cous cous
1/2 Block of Massells Chicken stock

Added water & let it sit

Then I added backed veggies, mix of sweet potato, butternut pumpkin, zucchini & egg plant which were oven backed with olive oil , black pepper & oregano.
A small bunch of fresh coriander mixed in.
1 Cup diced Tri colour capsicum raw.
A few cherry tomatoes raw.
1 Cup shredded carrot raw.
1 Tin of Kidney beans
1/4 Cup sun dried Tomato
1/4 Cup Mixed olives

I also topped it off with some sesame seeds & sunflower seeds.

rainbow cous cous2

Simple yet tasty… I urge you to give it a try for yourself or to serve at a dinner party…

XX Patty.

Rice For Breakfast?


So, here we are again with another breakfast Post… You know if there is one thing I most definitely could not give up, it would be breakfast… I just freaking love breakfast food, more then any other food EVER… Given the choice I would eat it for Breakfast, DUHHHH.. Lunch & Dinner Oh yeah and snacks if i was hungry in between.

So I am currently running low on Gluten free oats thus I am using other grains available to include in my morning bowl of goodness. Today’s grain of choice being brown rice. Wholegrain, packed with nutrients and fibers and best of all gluten free, it can not only be used for a delicious lunch but also a fulfilling delicious breakfast like today’s coconut brown rice breakfast pudding.

You know people tend to wonder around my desk and snoop and drool over my meals , and most stand in awe of how much I eat and am able to maintain a good body weight… well News to them buddy but I do work out and I don’t bludge around at home… Want to eat like a warrior ? One must train like a warrior Princess that is…
Anyways enough of blabbing and let’s get this breaky recipe on the road.


1 Cup of 90 Second microwave brown rice ( because I am lazy and it takes too long to cook)
1/2 Cup Full fat coconut milk
1/2 Cup Almond milk or preferred milk of choice
A dash of cinnamon
1 Tsp coconut Nectar
1 Tbs of Chia seeds- once it’s off the stove top.

Cook away on your stove top until brown rice is super soft almost melting. and set aside to cool down
I also topped my oats off with 1 scoop of rawrenergy protein powder shaken with water.

In the Morning I added in:

Handful of All Bran
1 banana sliced
Small handful of Blueberries
2 strawberries
1/2 Cup Soy yogurt
2 Dried figs
& finally a handful of my home made granola, which I slightly burnt sadly but I am not one to let food go to waste so I will still eat it… LOL

Other then that, nothing to it, this recipe is vegan that being dairy,egg, gluten & sugar free.

It is rather caloric though if you are going down that path, but for such and avid trainer like myself calories don’t exactly matter in a sense that of course by overeating you will gain weight but generally you can tell in yourself when it is enough food and it is time to stop eating.


Have a great Tuesday!Patty xx


I think this week is going to be a very rough week for me… It’s only Monday and I am still sore and mid recovery from the weekends workout schedule.
Since Saturday I missed going to cross fit due to other more important commitments, I put it upon myself to do my own workouts, but without much guidance to be honest, I didn’t exactly plan anything and it felt like nothing, but boy am I paying for it now.
My shoulders especially – these babies are sore in every nook & cranny possible mind you I barely did any shoulder workouts… Or did I?
Let me lay out this week end for ya- Saturday I began my day with a light fasted cardio session for about 40 minutes, nothing to it then moved onto my daily activities and by the afternoon since I was free and partnerless I decided to pay a visit to the gym where I did about 35 minutes of cross trainer and Stairmaster & some leg weights ( all machine based but in supersets). I pretty much left it at that and went to indulge in some sushi… God I love sushi… Seaweed salad & veggie tempura OMG… I over stuffed myself but hey it was damn well worth it….
Sunday I was feeling pretty lazy, and being my rest day I didn’t exactly want to exhort myself , however by early afternoon I begun getting and itch so I went for a 40 minute jog and decided to do a home WOD… I think this is where I went wrong… Or right I guess it depends on your views…
5 rounds for time of:
8 Burpees
8 Chest to ground push ups
8 Shoulder presses ( I used 4 kg dumbbells)- Just what I had in hand
8 Jump squats
8 Alternating lunges
16 crunches
I done all of this in 12 minutes, then laid there in all my misery , out of breath, sweaty and defeated, but accomplished …
Thinking back now I know why my shoulders hurt so much, all that body weight over my poor little arms… and then Came Monday- Crossfit.. front Squats for strength and by God…. The bloody WOD
10 minute AMRAP
10 Thrusters at 30 kg
10 KB swings at 20 Kg
A thrusters my friends is a squat with a shoulder press all in one movement…There goes my arms again…
I complete 4 rounds +2 of this delightful routine… as I lay there out of breath I pretty much wished I was dead in bed…
I survived though, exhausted and hungry I drove my sorry ass home to refeed , shower & pass out in bed all before 8:30 pm…
I think tonight I am gona hit the sauna stretch, relax and go home… no work outs today… I am all for being sore, but when you are overly sore your going to be feeling very sorry you won’t be able to do a great work out, so ladies and gents, when the time comes a well deserved rest day is the right way to go, going to the gym 2 times a day 7 days a week can be just a tad too much on your life & your body…
Leave that mentality behind, just like I did because eventually you will find yourself more sorry then sore…
I bid you a good Day & Happy Tuesday.


Raw Zuchini & Steamed wheatgrass noodle with kale Pesto.

I got lot’s of requests for this particular recipe to be posted, and just as well because it was absolutely titillating in taste and texture, super creamy & just DELICIOUS!
I personally licked the bowl after I finished my rather larger serving….
Gluttony seems to be an ever present characteristic in myself ….
Anyways, I hope everyone has had a great a productive week end.
I had the pleasure of sharing mine with one of my best friends to celebrate her wedding. It was quiet an eventful day but we came out alive and well.


Ok so enough of my blabbing and to go onto the recipe … you will need:

2 serving of organic wheatgrass noodles
2 Zucchini spiraled

Follow the instructions on the packaging of the noodles to cook them & once ready add in the zucchini and set aside.

Kale Pesto:

3-4 large kale leaves, washed and roughly shredded.
2 Tablespoons of sunflower seeds
1 Tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 Teaspoon of minced Garlic
Salt & pepper to taste
A pinch of Dried oregano.

Pulse away in a food processors or blender, once smooth scoop out you kale pesto & stir through your noodles ( they should still be quiet warm) and sprinkle with about a tablespoon of sesame seeds.
I also added 2 raw tomato with a pinch of salt & pepper to accompany my dish.


I hope you enjoy this tasty & alternative treat , especially if you are a pasta lover.

Have a great week.

Patty xx.

Acai Bowl <3

As Summer approaches , it calls for more chilled Breakfasts.
I being a big fan of overnight oats couldn’t go past it, but I also felt like a nice big bowl of Acai to op it off.
Acai, is berry found in the Amazon, Brazil. Coincidentally where I am from, well not the amazon But Brazil.. SO that’s a little fact you can say you know about me…


Anyways… This dish attracted alot of attention at work, with several people coming to watch my skills in the kitchen… something tells me I am in the wrong industry btw…
So as I pulsed away my Acai mix, I sliced up some fruit , gathered my muesli and brewed my tea & set up for the presentation… Before I devoured the whole thing in about 10 minutes….
SO here is how I put together my Breaky..
Starting from the bottom:

Chia & GF oats pudding

2 tbs Chia Seeds
1/4 Cup GF rolled oats
1 Tbs Gentle fiber
4 Tbs Full fat coconut milk
1/4 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
A dash of cinnamon

Stir through Thoroughly, and soak over night.


Acai mix.

2 Bananas sliced and frozen
1 Cup full of frozen mixed berries
4 Scoops of Freeze dried Acai powder . I used this one.
2 cups of water
Blend away until completely dissolved.


Set up.

Pour your Overnight oats into a bowl, top off with your acai mix, Sprinkle with some granola, I made my own . Here is the recipe.

I also added some All Bran & a side of fresh nectarine.

Bon apetite.


Organic Millet Porridge In a Jar Stack <3

millet jar stack1

I felt a little adventurous last night again!!! Since I had some organic Millet in my pantry, i decided to use it up and make it into a breakfast porridge.
There not alot that goes into it , except that I also decided to make myself a crunchy granola to go with it. AND THAT MATE, was the icing on the cake.
I have never been successful and making my own granola… yeah I know what the fudge??? True story bro…
I literally failed at every attempt, it always came out soggy or too burnt… I dunno… I gave up after attempting several time, but last night I decided i would give it another go and Voila… I made it, it tastes great! its crunchy its fresh …. SO GOOD…
Any ways I will stop teasing you with all this nonsense so here is what went into My Breakfast jar.

1 Cup of Organic Millet, washed drained and boiled.
1 scoop of rawrenergy protein
1/3 Unsweetened almond milk & 1/4 Water in a shaker bottle to dissolve the protein.


I used a trail mix that I bought a while back from my local Aldi
1 cup Of trail mix
1/4 Cup Coconut chips (unsweetened)
1/4 Cup Flaked Almonds
Cinnamon to Taste
1 Tablespoon of black strap Molasses.

millet jar stack3

In a container toss all your ingredients in and around to mix thoroughly.

In a fry pan I added 1 tbs of virgin coconut oil and pan fried my mix in lightly, until the fruit seemed to be swelling up. The pre heat you oven at 180 degrees and pop the pan in with all your granola, providing the pan is over proof of course and back for about 10-15 minutes stirring every few minutes. Switch the oven off and leave the pan in the as the oven cools down it will continue to cook the granola & make it super crunchy.

In the morning, I just warmed up my oats and started layering it into my jar with some All Bran
1/2 a tub of Soy Life yogurt
& topped it off with my freshly baked home made granola.

Warning, this was a very very large breakfast, so it is not for the faint hearted, scale appropriately.

millet jar stack2

Much Love,

Patty xPS: Yes I ate it all, I am a hungry person Ok… but don’t let that fool ya, progress shots of myself coming very soon.